Why pregnancy is a crucial time for women ?


Why pregnancy is a crucial time for women ? : Pregnancy always has the associated fear which every woman will face when they are pregnant for the first time. The fear is not subjective but a random fear which occurs to most of us when we are above to face something new.

Why pregnancy is a crucial time for women ?

It could possibly be the fear of change or the fear of expectation or the fear of society or the fear of whether we are ready for it and in most of the cases, this fear is unknown. It is very important to prepare your mind and body for pregnancy and delivery. Planning your pregnancy will help you stabilize a lot of factors which might go wrong during pregnancy.

For example, women who are weak or having low BP will fall prey to gestational diabetes during pregnancy. If you are someone who feels you are weak or undergoing treatment for any illness, we advise you to prepare your body first and then your mind before you embark into the journey of pregnancy. This is not only for you but also for the health of your child.

At one of the maternity hospital in Bangalore, I happened to meet a friend of mine who is also the chief gynecologist there. She told me that most of the women who visit her are either sad or tensed a few weeks before labor and this is a usual pattern. When quizzed about the reason, it was fear.

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At most of the hospitals, they conduct training sessions for pregnant women on how to face labor owes. This is very important for all. Prenatal and post-natal classes are becoming more and more popular among pregnant women. In fact, people have started to look for hospitals which have these facilities.

When you are looking for a maternity hospital, say maternity hospital in Chandigarh, please do a thorough reach before you book one. Always look for packages and offers which will help you minimize the cost and at the same time do not miss to see the reputation of the hospital along with the user reviews. Talk to your family and friends regarding your choice as they might have a different opinion. Fix a consultation with your doctor before you book the hospital.

The most important part of choosing the hospital is trust and expertise. Transparent processing is very important when it comes to building trust. One more important aspect of choosing a hospital is proximity. The closer the hospital the best it is during the labor period.


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