35 hearing impaired underprivileged children get Hearing Aids


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : A Local Radio Channel MYFM a organised a programme in which free hearing aids were distributed to 35 underprivileged children. The programme under the initiative, ‘Ek Diya Ek Koshish’ was held at Sector 22 Government Model School.


The children will now be able to hear properly. A team of doctors was also present there to ensure the hearing aids are fitted properly.

While speaking on the occasion MYFM Zonal Business Head Abhilash Dave informed through the MY FM radio channel the people of tricity were appealed to come forward for the initiative through donations.

The impact of the campaign was such that listeners came donated their salaries while school students pitched in with their pocket money. He thanked Paul Merchants for its support in the initiative and said such programmes will continue in future as well.

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