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4 Innovative TV Technologies You Should Know About

4 Innovative TV Technologies You Should Know About: With evolving technology, the options open to homeowners have increased. Now we can choose any kind of tv panel of our choice among OLED, QLED, LED. People can also choose the content they would like to watch like ultra HD blu rays or 4k streaming.

4 Innovative TV Technologies You Should Know About

That’s not all. Technology has come up with several other innovative TV features that are updated and the latest in the market. These TV innovations have changed and enhanced our viewing experience to a great extent. We would now look into these advanced technologies in details 

  • IMAX Enhanced

Similar to how the THX technology enhanced the sound quality of contents on a big screen, the IMAX enhanced does the same for 4k content. It heavily improves existing HDR technologies. It ensures a high watermark for 4k contents both in terms of the audio and from the HDR point of view. IMAX is collaborating with DTS, which runs several digital sound technologies for ensuring good quality audio. This means that for enjoying certified products you have to integrate your television system with the DTS:X technology. If you do this, you can enjoy IMAX premium sound quality. IMAX has ensured that to provide customers with the best quality audio and video performance, the equipment would be carefully built. If you buy a or rent TV in Hyderabad from a reputed company, the manufacturer would integrate your entertainment system with DTS technology. 

  • Hybrid Log Gamma

The hybrid log gamma is the most recent of all television updates, which homeowners should know about. This is related to the most popular tv technology at the moment, the HDR specification. Hybrid log gamma simplifies the signalling process of HDR. As a result, it takes a low amount of bandwidth. This technology is highly beneficial for broadcasters because they can now deliver HDR broadcasts using their current setup instead of spending money to upgrade the system to meet the requirements of the new tv technologies.

These are the best technologies that uplift your viewing experience considerably. Make sure some of these features are present in the Television set that you are buying. The more updated the TV is, the better service would it deliver. You can order your favourite television set online at discounted prices. At the same time, you can even look for an affordable sofa on rent in Hyderabad for accessorising your living room. 

  • HDR

HDR stands for high dynamic range. This technology is all about delivering better sharpness, brightness, and contrast. This results in deeper blacks and brighter whites. Implementing HDR quality creates a noticeable difference in your picture quality. Today, most of the reputed brands selling electronic products incorporate this technology, delivering an improved viewing experience to its customers. Just like Dolby Vision designed this TV technology, its competitors have come up with an advanced version called the HDR10+.

  • OLED

OLED is the acronym for organic light-emitting diode. This is the latest version of the LED TVs which take the help of this OLED technique to light up your tv screen. OLED TVs are capable enough to turn every pixel on and off, causing deeper blacks. This option offers better colour contrast, giving people a better visual experience. However, this feature doesn’t develop any awful or unnatural brightness or colour effect. Hence renting is better than buying as it saves you maintenance cost and won’t be a heavy investment as well.

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