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Dabur Vita, India’s Complete Health Drink, organizes Session on Health for Kids

Dabur Vita, India’s Complete Health Drink, organizes Session on Health for Kids: As part of its commitment to safeguard the health of the future generations, Dabur Vita, a complete Health Food Drink from the House of Dabur, announced the launch of a Mega Health Awareness Campaign to promote 7 vital health needs like good digestion, respiratory health, strong bones & muscle, strength – stamina, and better immunity among school-going children.

Dabur Vita, India’s Complete Health Drink, organizes Session on Health for KidsThe drive was flagged off in Panchkula with a special session covering more than 70 athletes from Tau Devi Lal Stadium, Panchkula. The players were educated on the importance of mental alertness, physical stamina and a strong immunity through basic hygiene practices and a nutritious diet.

A special Health Kit comprising Dabur Vitawas also provided to these players. Country’s renowned Ayurvedic Doctor Parmeshwar Arora, Mr. Alok Kapoor, regional Head Dabur India, Mr. Dinesh Kumar, Manager Corporate Communication were present along with Ms. Renu Mathur internationally acclaimed for work on reproductive rights for women and known as Padwoman.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Alok Kapoor, regional Head Dabur India Ltd.said, “Nowadays, kids want to excel in everything – from studies to sports to extra-curricular activities, thus they require a balanced and nutritious diet to support their growth and development. A complete health drink can provide essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that may be missing from their regular diet. Dabur Vita is a health drink which helps provide essential nutrients to kids to help them grow and develop. Built on Dabur’s legacy of quality, trust and experience of over 138 years, Dabur Vita contains the goodness of more than 30 Ayurvedic boosters like Ashwagandha, Giloy ,Brahmiand Shankspushpi etc., which bring the health benefits of Ayurveda in a tasty chocolaty drink. It is formulated to meet the 7 vital growth needs of kids like physical growth, brain development, strength-stamina, strong bones & muscle, and digestive &respiratory health to promote a comprehensive well-being”.

Dr. Parmeshwar Arora said, “A balanced diet including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, along with a good health drink support comprehensive physical & mental development of children. Physical & Mental Growth requires macro & micronutrients nutrients as well as phytonutrients or the natural substances from plant with benefits that support a good health. Few examples include those from herbs like Amla & Ashwagandha that help in modulating immune functions to prevent specific diseases, Brahmi & Shankhapushpi that support learning & concentration, and Draksha that act as antioxidant, helping protect your body from day-to-day cell damage.

“To create awareness about the importance of having a well-nutritious diet for an overall development of Kids, Dabur Vita has joined hands with leading Sports Academies/Schools from Twenty cities in India. Through this campaign, we intend to educate the kids about the diet and nutritious foods which are crucial for the body, brain development and stronger bones. It is very important to maintain physical stamina and growth, besides focusing on a strong immunity, in strengthening a kid’s overall developmentMr. Kapoor added.

Know More About Dabur India Ltd

Dabur India Ltd. is one of India’s leading FMCG Companies. Building on a legacy of quality and experience of 138 years, Dabur is today India’s most trusted name and the world’s largest Ayurvedic and Natural Health Care Company. Dabur India’s FMCG portfolio includes nine Power Brands: Dabur Chyawanprash, Dabur Honey, Dabur Honitus, Dabur Lal Tail and Dabur Pudin Hara in the Healthcare category; Dabur Amla, Vatika and Dabur Red Paste in the Personal & Oral Care space; and Réal in the Food & Beverages category.

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