JET AIRWAYS to equip pilots on Boeing 737 fleet with iPads


Digital format will allow pilots to quickly access key flight information and aircraft parameters

Jet AirwaysNewZNew (Chandigarh) : Jet Airways, India’s premier international airline will provide pilots across its Boeing 737 fleet with iPads loaded with applications to do performance calculations, view en-route and terminal charts, refer documents and checklists in digital format, thus reducing the paper in the cockpit.

Jet Airways will thus become one of the first airlines in India to issue iPads to all its pilots across its Boeing 737 fleet, having received clearance from the DGCA.

The airline had already made the move to a ‘less paper’ cockpit from 2007 onwards. Its B777-300ER aircraft are fitted with an ‘Electronic Flight Bag,’ which contains all the route maps, charts, aircraft manuals and associated paperwork in a digital format.

The introduction of the iPad on the airline’s B737 fleet, however, will make it even more convenient for pilots to access key flight information, and in greater detail than ever before.

The airline has already trained 500 crew to operate the iPad as part of the first phase of the switch, with the rest to make the transition in a systematic manner over the next six to eight months.

Capt. Nikhil Ved, Sr. Vice President, Operations, Jet Airways said, “At Jet Airways, we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries of innovation. That extends as much to the Flight Deck, as it does to guest-focused initiatives. With the introduction of the iPad, we’re giving our pilots the tools to operate the aircraft more efficiently, safely and sustainably, all of which add up towards ensuring an even more exceptional flying experience for our guests.”

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The iPads will come pre-loaded with documents and performance charts that pilots normally have to fill out as well as an on-board performance tool allowing them to gauge the aircraft’s operating parameters with extreme accuracy.

Pilots, for instance, will be able to precisely calculate the level of thrust required to take off, reducing engine wear and tear.  The iPad will have capabilities to offer up a precise calculation of the payload an aircraft is carrying, allowing crew to maximize the aircraft’s payload capacity. Based on this success, the remaining fleet of Jet Airways would also be covered with iPads as Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) in a planned manner.


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