Seminar held at GJIMT at World No-Tobacco Day


NewZNew (S A S Nagar) : Gian Jyoti Institute of Management & Technology, Phase 2  organized a seminar to observe World No-Tobacco Day in the campus. Students were brought to the notice the harms of using tobacco in any form. They highlighted that use of tobacco leads to cancer and also various cardiac and vascular diseases.  They also informed that it is a proven fact that those who use tobacco continuously lose about 10 years of their life.

Director Aneet Bedi enlightened the minds of the young students regarding the ill effects of the use of Tobacco and tobacco related goods. She suggested students to create awareness amongst the public about the dreadful disease. She further emphasized the role of students in promoting awareness amongst the masses to reduce the incidence of tobacco & alcohol consumption.

Chairman Bedi said at this occasion that mouth cancer is most common in people who use chewing tobacco and pan. Smokers have a fifty per cent chance of lung cancer and even more of stomach cancer. According to him tobacco claims one life every eight seconds. It remains one of the most important causes for preventable mortality and morbidity. He further added that without the correct guidance and awareness the children will be unable to understand their responsibility in the fight against drugs. For this reason the institute felt  that right learning about the effects and consequences will be a stepping stone in creating a better world.

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