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Today at Maharani Patiala gymkhana club a seminar for skin care was organised

Leading Aromatherapist /beauty expert Dr Blossom kochhar addressed Patiala Club members

Today at Maharani Patiala gymkhana club a seminar for skin care was organised for 100 ladies members by leading Aromatherapist Dr Blossom Kochhar . She had an interactive session with members ,she warned not to use chemical deodorant at underarms as its known to cause breast cancer instead one can apply age old fitkari (Alum) after bath followed by lavender oil to prevent smell

“Beauty has to shine from a person’s eyes, something that comes from inside and shows on face”, said Blossom Kochhar,

Blossom has been a practitioner of aroma therapy for more than 45 years.

She goes on to explain the benefits. “The acne facial kit discourages acne proliferation. The Jewel Facial Kit has a blend of essential oils which is said to brighten the skin, The Vitamin C Lightening Kit, acts as an anti-oxidant and anti-aging which replenishes the skin and the Detox Bamboo Charcoal Facial kit is an express facial, which smoothes the skin, taking out black heads and toxins fast, working wonders for professional women”.

Speaking on the use of essential oils in these kits, Blossom says, “Our mind and emotions play a big part to affect our skin, besides the environment. Thus aromatherapy helps balance our emotions and brightens up our skin.” According to her aroma therapy is “natural” due to the absence of “chemical, colouring, preservative or artificial fragrance. Beauty is a combination of mind and emotions, it goes onto our body and then shows on the skin. So aromatherapy’s use of essential oil relaxes the mind and body. It brings a glow on the face”.

Blossom feels its important to have a healthy and balanced diet full of proteins, calcium and iron. “A good six to eight hour sleep and daily workout is essential.”

Tips for your kit

  • Use face packs daily with essential oils and natural ingredients, avoid chemicals
  • Take care of your eye makeup. Use good kajal and Kajal and eyeliner
  • Maintain clean and shiny hair, which smells good
  • Use proper accessories to enhance your look
  • Use the right shade of lipstick or lip gloss
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