What You Can Learn From Lexington Law Reviews


What You Can Learn From Lexington Law Reviews: According to its website, Lexington Law was founded to revolutionize the credit repair industry by providing ethical and effective credit repair to consumers in need.

What You Can Learn From Lexington Law Reviews

In business since 1991, the company launched online credit repair services in 2004.

As you can imagine, having been around that long, a sizable number of reviews have been posted online about the firm. Let’s take a look at some of them to see what you can learn from Lexington Law reviews.

The Credit Repair Industry

Before we go any farther, it’s prudent to establish the fact that one can do for themselves anything a firm like Lexington Law can accomplish. This includes getting inaccurate information on your credit reports corrected and/or removed.

Meanwhile, firms like Lexington Law charge rather substantial fees — ranging from the hundreds to thousands of dollars to effect solutions you are capable of implementing on your own.  It should also be noted credit repair has no sway over current unpaid obligation. These must be settled in some fashion before they will be removed from a credit report.

Now this, in and of itself does not mean Lexington Law is engaged in nefarious activity. However, they will charge you quite a bit of money to do something you can do yourself with an expenditure of time rather than money.

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Lexington Law Reviews

The Better Business Bureau website has accrued 669 complaints about the firm over the past three years (as of May 2021). Of this total, 36 were related to advertising/sales endeavors, 342 were centered upon its billing/collections activities, and 274 stemmed from problems with its service. On the other hand, the firm says it removed some seven million negative items from its client’s credit reports in 2020.

In other words, it’s important to get as well-rounded a picture as possible when perusing Lexington Law reviews, or those of any company really. Dissatisfied people often speak up, while those who are pleased typically go on without saying anything at all. However, giving consideration to the words of the disgruntled can help you identify practices by which you can gauge the veracity of firms with which you choose to do business.

How Lexington Law Works

Many of the complaints filed against Lexington Law stem from clients being billed even though the desired result was not achieved. In other words, clients signed on thinking the firm would absolutely clean up their reports and were surprised when they got bills before it happened.

However, if you read the fine print, the company only promises to institute actions toward that result, without providing any guarantees regarding the outcome. This is because they cannot guarantee their efforts will bear fruit.

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Creditors have outsized influence on what information appears upon — and is deleted from — a credit report. If it’s a genuine mistake, the odds of a correction are good. If the information is accurate, there is nothing a company such as Lexington Law can do.

The Bottom Line

So, what can you learn from Lexington Law reviews?

In most cases, you’ll be better off looking for ways to pay off or settle your debts than you will looking to a company such as this for credit repair services. Further, everything you need to clear your credit report of errors exists online and can be accessed free of charge, including copies of all three of your credit reports.

With that said, it can be a relief to know you have professionals working on your behalf. Just know it will cost — and there are no more guarantees than you’ll have if you do it yourself.


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