34 pages of invaluable text with 69 vintage pictures : Splendour of Sangrur


Pics-Sri-Rao-Vijay-Prakash-Singhji-2NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Eminent Spirituo- Cultural Luminary Sri V.P.S.Rao, Founder- Patron of Sanskriti Bodh Sangh  (Cultural Awareness Group, with website  : www.sanskritibodh.com ), keeps on putting in efforts to strengthen the cause of Indian culture, its preservation and promotion. These also include the cultural history of towns. Recently, he has written a book on Sangrur, capital of the erstwhile kingdom of Jind. This book, which has been titled as, “Splendour of Sangrur,” has been designed under the aegis of Sanskriti Bodh Sangh. It is a concise compendium of socio-cultural development of Sangrur in 19th and 20th centuries AD, with a focus on the importance and need of preservation and continuation of the historical and cultural heritage by the present and future generations.

A coffee table book like production with 34 pages of invaluable text along with 69 representative vintage pictures, this wholesome quicky is full of vital information for teachers, students, research – scholars, avid readers, lovers of art and culture and those engaged in preservation and continuation of cultural heritage. It would be a proud possession for universities, colleges and schools, besides public and private libraries and advanced collectors.

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