Astro Zindagi – Know your Starts for September 21-27


Astro Zindagi – Know your Starts for September 21-27: Astrology is a pseudoscience that claims divine information about human affairs and terrestrial events by studying the movements and relative positions of celestial objects.

Astro Zindagi - Know your Starts for September 21-27

Astrology has been dated to at least the 2nd millennium BCE, and has its roots in calendrical systems used to predict seasonal shifts and to interpret celestial cycles as signs of divine communications.

This week there will be some important planetary transits. Two major outer planets, Jupiter and Saturn, which were moving in retrograde motion since the middle of May 2020, will now become direct. Similarly, Mars will be in retrograde motion in the fiery sign of Aries. These changes will impact one and all across all zodiac signs.

Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for September 21-27:


This may prove to be challenging week for you as far as your personal life is concerned. Couples in a committed relationship may face issues in understanding each other. It is advisable to remain patient and give each other enough time and space. Nonetheless, you will be able to solve complex problems with your intelligence and wisdom. Relationship with your father is likely to improve and an important piece of advice from him will provide the right impetus in your career. You may try and do something different during this week which will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Your financial position will remain strong throughout the week. No major expenses are envisaged during this week. However, investment in fixed assets is likely to be delayed. Students may not be able to devote enough time for studies which may impact their performance temporarily. You are advised to remain careful regarding any injury to the upper part of your body.

Tip of the week: Do things differently

Lucky days: Thursday, Friday


This week will bring positive changes in your domestic environment. You will be able to resolve previous estrangement with your spouse, if any, and will take out time to spend some romantic moments together. Some issues within the family may keep you stressed. You will need to work hard to increase the inflow of money. Avoid adopting unethical practices of earning money quickly else it may push you deeper into problems. Those in business may face delay in closing ongoing deals and client acquisition. Businesspeople are further advised to carefully plan any decision or policy before executing any partnership. Towards the end of the week, you will receive new opportunities for professional growth. Students will be able to study for extended hours and learn complicated topics easily and their memorizing skills will be sharp. Health issues relating to respiratory system should not be overlooked.

Tip of the week: Avoid unethical practices

Lucky days: Saturday, Sunday


Your financial inflow will increase substantially this week filling you up with zest and enthusiasm. You will be full of positivity towards your future financial prospects which appear to be bright. Salaried employees will be exhilarated upon receiving unexpected incentives which will motivate them to deliver their best performance and successfully achieve targets. Pending court cases, if any, are likely to settle in your favour. During the middle of the week, you could face some problems on the personal and family fronts. This period may be challenging for married couples as they may indulge in ‘blame game’. They must be patient and avoid reacting. Students may find the going tough as they may remain preoccupied with irrelevant and trivial matters. Refrain from eating junk food this week as it may cause stomach upsets and digestive system disorders. Minor ailments related to the kidney are also a possibility.

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Tip of the week: Don’t be reactive

Lucky days: Thursday, Friday


The start of the week is likely to provide you with mixed results. On the one hand, you will improve your performance at the workplace which will reflect in positive support from your seniors. On the other hand, married couples may face issues in their relationship and may have ego clashes. They are further advised to keep a close watch on the health of their children. Your personal expenses are likely to shoot up and you may end up spending an exorbitant amount of money on purchasing something that you do not need as of now. Those in business will be able to strike a profitable deal around the middle of the week. You are likely to get relief from obstacles that you have been facing for a long time. You are also likely to achieve benefits from your maternal family. This is a favourable time for those who are single as they are likely to come across suitable marriage proposals. There is a possibility of facing health issues relating to kidneys and stomach.

Tip of the week: Avoid unnecessary expenditure

Lucky days: Monday, Tuesday


This will be a rewarding week for you. There is a distinct possibility of an increased inflow of finance. Planetary influences indicate a positive phase of growth for people in business. They will be able to outsmart their competitors. This is a good time to restructure business strategies to increase sale prospects. However, family and household expenses are likely to increase substantially during this week. Some of you may be inclined to purchase a new vehicle or an asset. You are advised not to go over the budget and think carefully before buying anything. You are likely to face stress and anxiety due to the fragile health of your mother. There is a possibility of you getting involved in petty fights with your siblings which might disrupt the family environment. Hence, you are advised to keep a check on your words before speaking and not to overreact in anger, which could cause rifts in the relationship. Health issues relating to the head may need attention.

Tip of the week: Reformulate your growth strategy

Lucky days: Thursday, Friday


You are likely to receive a plethora of opportunities this week to further your career. With your sheer will power, courage and confidence, you will be able to overcome obstacles with ease. Your creativity is likely to get enhanced which will help improve your performance. However, professionals are advised not to indulge in petty politics at the workplace, else your image may get tarnished. If you are married, then you may face some resistance from your children as they may act stubborn with you. Students will achieve success in competitive exams and will be able to achieve their goals. You will enjoy a cordial relationship with your mother. You will be inclined to increase your comforts and luxuries and will not shy away from putting in the necessary hard work and effort to accomplish that. You may receive profitable returns from investments that you made earlier. Be watchful about health issues relating to ears and spine.

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Tip of the week: Do not indulge in petty politics

Lucky days: Tuesday, Wednesday


Your family life will remain harmonious during this week. However, you might have to face some financial difficulties during this phase. You are advised to refrain from taking any kind of loan or increase your liabilities. If you want to invest, then do so after consulting the experts, else you may incur losses. From the middle of the week, you will be filled with confidence and self-belief which will enable you to proficiently pace your work. You are likely to receive appreciation and recognition from your seniors. Some of you are also likely to achieve promotion and increment at workplace. You will be able to spend quality time with your siblings. You may have an inclination to spend money for charitable causes. Towards the end of the week, you may feel mentally fragile. You are advised to inculcate yoga and meditation in your daily routine to get over this phase. Injuries to limbs and infections relating to lungs must not be overlooked.

Tip of the week: Do not increase your liabilities

Lucky days: Thursday, Friday


This week you are likely to receive substantial monetary benefits. Some of you might acquire ancestral property or get benefits from it. You will also be inclined to save money. Undertaking journeys during this period will provide you monetary gains and benefits. Those working in the field of media and entertainment are likely to get more favourable results than usual during this week. Professionally, you are likely to meet some influential people during this week. Those in business need to remain organized and adopt a methodical approach. Short business tours will open up new avenues. Your advice will be taken seriously in your family. Those who are single may feel the urge to find a suitable partner. The planetary position will help your siblings to accomplish success in their respective fields and profession. You are likely to remain healthy and will feel fit and energized.

Tip of the week: Expand your social network

Lucky days: Saturday, Sunday


During the onset of the week you may feel frustrated as completion of some important work may get delayed. However, those doing business abroad are likely to flourish during this period. People in business dealing with the government or semi government organizations will be able to enter into a long-term profitable contract. It is also a profitable phase for those dealing in industrial products. During the middle of the week, you are likely to get opportunities for a new job in your respective field that you may have been eying for a long time. Your social status will improve and you will gain respect. Some of you may find themselves agitated due to a misunderstanding with a loved one. You are advised to not remain adamant about your views, else the problems will only increase. You will become wiser at handling finance-related matters. You need to be careful with any old ailment that you may have been suffering in the past.

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Tip of the week: Don’t be adamant

Lucky days: Thursday, Friday


This week you are likely to remain calm and composed in all aspects of your life. You will try to put in maximum efforts during this time to achieve positive outcomes. You could make an important decision pertaining to your profession. You will be able to accomplish some great feats during this week. You will stay authoritative which will provide you with great results both in your personal as well as social life. If there was an estrangement with a member of the household, you will be able to resolve it with ease. Those who are single are likely to be involved in a new relationship. Students may face some clashes with their mentors and teachers, so they are advised to avoid getting into an argument while interacting with them. You are also advised to hold on to your travel plans, if any, this week. There can be some deterioration in health, hence you are advised to refrain from eating outside and stay away from any kind of addictions.

Tip of the week: Be authoritative

Lucky days: Tuesday, Wednesday


This week you are likely to taste success in both your personal and professional fronts. People looking for a new job are likely to get one, while those employed may receive a promotion and appreciation from their colleagues and seniors. You are likely to experience a harmonious relationship with your loved ones. You will enjoy some memorable moments with your friends. However, this week is not conducive for considering an expansion or development of business. During the end of the week, some financial issues within the family may keep you worried. You are advised to keep a tab on your expenses. Seek the guidance of an experienced person before investing. Refrain from cutting corners to earn quick bucks. You are advised to keep contingency funds ready for dealing with any unforeseen situation. Students intending to migrate abroad for higher education will be successful. Health issues relating to heart and chest need attention.

Tip of the week: Refrain from cutting corners

Lucky days: Wednesday, Thursday


This week is expected to bring positive changes in your family life. You will share a cordial relationship with your father and his guidance in a personal matter will prove invaluable. You may be keen to participate in spiritual and religious activities. Acts of charity and donations to the poor will provide you with auspicious results. You will be successful in saving money for your own safety as well as for your loved ones. You are likely to receive adequate support and affection from your siblings, especially from the elder ones as they are also likely to provide you with monetary benefits. Those in business should consider reformulating their strategies and change their game plan to ensure they are able to meet their targets. There could be some problems on the marital front. You are advised to maintain the decorum of your speech while conversing with your partner. Health issues relating to lower back and legs must not be overlooked.

Tip of the week: Seek advice of elders

Lucky days: Saturday, Sunday