Cleopatra celebrated Cultural Ethnicity of India


NewZNew (Chandigarh) : Cleopatra Chain of spa & makeovers celebrated cultural ethnicity of India & its ancient heritage to present HERITAGE CONNECT, line of makeovers that is tasteful wedding between ancient culture, tradition and contemporary inspired by movie “MOHENJO DARO”. Occasion also marked celebration of Cleopatras Anniversory.

Richa Aggarwal, discerning makeover expert with keen eye on aesthetics and details time traveld into ancient city of Mohenjodaro, the era of the Indus Valley Civilization known for Fashion finesse, rich aesthetics, sensuous & mysterious makeovers, elaborate headdresses and hair dos.

CLEOPATRA with BAHAAR COUTURE incorporated MOHANJO DARO influences and presented the demure characteristics, setting a benchmark of opulence and grandeur that is palpable, regal, expressive yet elegant. “We have always lived our passion to connect people of city with Culture, tradition & roots. With new line of makeovers we want to zoom in further on authentically rich heritage and culture of India. For inspiration you don’t have to look at west as our own country is so rich in aesthetics and opulence. We have created heritage looks inspired by movie “MOHENJO DARO” that exudes sensuality and sophistication. Objective Is to seamlessly communicate and connect people with time and era , lifestyle and characteristics.

We love that fact that Haddappan women were very fashion forward and decorated themselves with lavish variety of ornaments ranging from precious metals, gemstones , beads, copper , bronze were their favorite metals and they loved wearing ornaments that were prominent. They arranged hair in headdresses that were elaborate and stunning, use of lipsticks, eye liners made with vegetable dyes was very common and truly reflect the taste preferences of Cleopatra, informed Richa Aggarwal, Founder & Makeover Expert, Cleopatra Chain of Spa & Salon with Bahaar Chawala designer.

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